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Our Website Design


  • Customized web page design​

  • Mobile and desktop friendly optimized site

  • Stock image research and selection

  • Contact set up form

  • Clear call to action

  • Domain connection

  • Social media integration

  • Initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Favicon creation
  • Integration of functionalities such as blog, calendar, Mailchimp, and other design features based on your organizational needs

Our design  approach keeps users' experience in mind at all times, driving customers to action and increasing conversion.​

Click below to tell us about your project, learn more about our website design services, and get a free quote:



Your website is one of the most important marketing assets.

As such, our goal is to showcase your brand, help you distinguish from the competition, engage your audience, and build customers' trust. 

We specialize in creating engaging web pages using two of the world’s leading website development platforms: Wix and Google Sites.

Wix and Google Sites are all-inclusive website builders that are particularly useful for medium and small businesses, given their user-friendly interface and site management simplicity.  

Our team will help you choose the best platform tailored to your specific business' needs and target customers. 


of Using

Wix and Google Sites

Wix Design

Recommended for medium to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and professionals looking for a visually modern and professional website with an array of functionalities such as blog, bookings and mail management integration.   

Main advantages of Wix design:

Google Sites Design

Recommended for small businesses, small non-profits and organizations such as schools and churches, teachers and academics, and other professionals looking for a simple and professional web page that can easily integrate Google applications such as Google Calendar, Forms, Classroom, and Meetings.


Main advantages of Google Sites design:

Google applications like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, can be easily incorporated to your site. 

Its limited yet simple design options allow for an easy and user-friendly building interface. 

Great security

Your website is backed by Google's data storage, access and transfer security capabilities.

It allows full control of  access to the entire website or specific pages, as well as permissions to particular visitors.

Wix automates all design technical aspects, providing a super friendly design interface.

Its building capabilities make editing and updating content very simple.

Wix technical support is readily available to help you with account and technical issues.

A wide array of SEO (search engine optimization) tools are provided, helping  improve your  business' ranking in search results.  

Why Is Website Design


for Your Business?

  • Boosts your business’ credibility: 75% of customers judge the credibility and trustworthiness of a business based on its website design.

  • Creates a great first impression: design related factors account for 94% of users’ first impression of a site. 

  • Improves your customers’ engagement: almost 90% of customers will not return to a business’ website after having difficulties navigating its page.  

  • Enhances your online visibility: web design is a crucial element in SEO (search engine optimization). Designing  a web page that takes into account SEO best practices helps you improve the quality and quantity of traffic from search results.

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