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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses Navigating the COVID Crisis

COVID-19 has affected businesses across the world in an unprecedented way. In the United States alone, one-sixth of the nation has been laid off or is out of work. Businesses are struggling due to a decline in customers and sales. As more and more businesses are faced with mounting uncertainty and the possibility of closing down for good, it is important to remember that we are lucky to have something that previous generations could not have dreamed of utilizing in a crisis such as this: the internet. The internet is the great equalizer of our modern world, and it has the power to help companies who are struggling during this time.

Utilizing social media is especially vital for businesses in these difficult times. Solid social media management can help spread businesses’ messages, talk about their products, keep customers engaged, and promote new offers. It is an uncertain time, but there are ways to stay ahead.

#1 Keep customers informed about changes to your business

One of the first things companies should do on social media is to keep customers informed about their business. For instance, businesses should update their customers about changes in their hours of service or the different steps they have taken to keep customers safe. Keeping people in the loop helps foster a feeling of transparency and closeness with clients.

Posting about your business on social media is also a great way to attract the attention of prospective customers. Facebook was, for years, the most visited website on the internet, and is still today in the top five most visited sites. This demonstrates the power of social media in a simple way: customers who are interested in your brand are at your fingertips, ready for you to reach out to them on social media. Now more than ever, people are shopping online, and businesses should take advantage of social media to keep customers engaged.

#2 Become a trusted resource for customers

Another important step for businesses is to become a resource for your customers. By sharing quality information about your area of business, tips and advice, people have a reason to trust you and keep coming back. There is also a higher chance customers will refer you to their friends and family. By posting during prime hours of the day and catering posts to your specific audience, the algorithm on each platform will ensure more people see your content.

#3 Keep customers engaged through social media

Social media allows businesses to directly connect with their target audience and find out their wants and needs. Getting people talking and involved through social media is one of the best ways to get more attention and keep people engaged with your brand. By practicing basic principles of engagement, businesses and brands can drive their message to customers while providing quality content and becoming a resource for their target audience.

#4 Promote new and unique offers

Companies should push new offers via social media. For instance, service-based companies can promote video conferences to connect with customers. Creating special offers can also drive customers to check out your services and products. There are more people on the internet than in normal years in this time of uncertainty. Because of this, now is an ideal time for businesses to get involved in social media through special promotions and unique offers. This will not only keep loyal customers involved with your brand, but will also introduce your business to new potential customers.

While this pandemic is negatively affecting businesses, it can also be a time for companies to take the opportunity to adapt. Hardship breeds innovation and opportunity. Companies and organizations are struggling now more than ever, and it won’t be easy to seize the opportunities that arise or even to see them in the first place. By taking the step of having a strong presence on the right social media channels for your business, you can adapt and turn the page on these trying times.

To help you in your journey with social media, reach out to us today about our services and begin to take the steps to strive in this crisis.

Contact us today to find out how our social media management services can help you build a strong presence on major social media platforms and connect you with your ideal audience.

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